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Articles & Books

Halperin, Christina T.

2023 Foreigners Among Us: Alterity and the Making of Maya Societies. Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, New York.

LeMoine, Jean-Baptiste, Christina T. Halperin, and Miriam Salas

2022 Maya Molded-carved Ceramics as Boundary Objects: Terminal Classic Ceramic Production and the Forging of Political Relations in the Mopan Valley of Guatemala. Journal of Anthropological Archaeology 68:101463. DOI:10.1016/j.jaa.2022.101463.

Halperin, Christina T., Yasmine Flynn-Arajdal, Katherine A. Miller Wolf, and Carolyn Freiwald

2021 Terminal Classic residential histories, migration, and foreigners at the Maya site of Ucanal, Petén, Guatemala. Journal of Anthropological Archaeology 64:101337. DOI:10.1016/j.jaa.2021.101337.

LeMoine, Jean-Baptiste, and Christina T. Halperin

2021  Shifting Social Relations during the Terminal Classic period (ca. AD 810–950/1000): Ceramics from the Lowland Maya Site of Ucanal. Ancient Mesoamerica 32(3):1–18. DOI:10.1017/S0956536121000183.

LeMoine, Jean-Baptiste, and Christina T. Halperin

2021 Comparing INAA and pXRF Analytical Methods for Ceramics: A Case Study with Classic Maya Wares. Journal of Archaeological Science 36:102819. doi:10.1016/j.jasrep.2021.102819.

Freiwald, Carolyn, Christina T. Halperin, Camille Dubois-Francoeur, C.Schlinsog, K.Bauer

2021 A Microscopic View of Needle and Perforator Production at Ucanal, Guatemala. In Bones at a Crossroads: Integrating Worked Bone Research with Archaeometry and Social Zooarchaeology, edited by Markus Wild, Beverly A. Thurber, Stephen Rhodes, and Christian Gates St-Pierre, pp. 171–188. Sidestone Press, Leiden.


Halperin, Christina T.

2021 Ancient Maya Recycling: Considerations of the Wasteful, Meaningful, and Practical from the Maya Site of Ucanal, Peten, Guatemala. Journal of Archaeological Method and Theory: 1(1):1-27. DOI:/10.1007/s10816-020-09490-7.

Halperin, Christina T., Jose Luis Garrido, Miriam E. Salas, and Jean-Baptiste LeMoine

2020 Convergence Zone Politics at the Archaeological Site of Ucanal, Peten, Guatemala. Ancient Mesoamerica 31(3):476-493.


Halperin, Christina T., and Simon Martin

2020 Ucanal Stela 29 and the Cosmopolitanism of Terminal Classic Maya Stone Monuments. Latin American Antiquity 31(4): 817–837.


Halperin, Christina T., and José Luis Garrido

2019 Architectural Aesthetics, Orientations, and Reuse at the Terminal Classic Maya Site of Ucanal, Petén, Guatemala. Journal of Field Archaeology 45(1):46–66.


Halperin, ChristinaT., Jean-Baptiste LeMoine, and Enrique Pérez Zambrano

2019 Infrastructures of Moving Water at the Maya site of Ucanal, Petén, Guatemala. Journal of Anthropological Archaeology 56(2019):1–15

Halperin, Christina T.

2019 Profane illuminations: Classic Maya Molded Figurines in Comparative Context. Res:Anthropology and Aesthetics 71–72:25–39.


Halperin, Christina T., Zachary X. Hruby, and Ryan William Mongelluzzo

2018 The Weight of Ritual: Classic Maya Jade Head Pendants in the Round. Antiquity 92(363):758–771

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