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Halperin, Christina T., Carolyn Freiwald, Hugo Roberto Lara Figueroa, and Jean-Baptiste LeMoine

2024 Howler Monkeys in Fragmented Forest “Islands” in Southeastern Petén, Guatemala. Revue Verte. Online journal by the Department of Anthropology, Université de Montréal.

Wade, Lizzie

2023 Recent research by the Proyecto Arqueológico Ucanal featured in an article in ScienceAncient people lived among ruins too. What did they make of them?”

Halperin, Christina T., Jose Luis Garrido, and Carlos Cruz Gómez 

2020  Ucanal: Una antigua ciudad maya prosperó durante tiempo de colapsos. Prensa Libre Revista D 827:20–22.


Halperin, Christina T, Jose Luis Garrido and Miriam Salas Pol

2019  Investigaciones recientes en el sitio arqueológico Ucanal. Revista Petén Itzá. Año 83, No. 60: 28-33.

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